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Anaiis Salles

I'm excited to co-create a shareable wave of global transformation with innovators from all walks of life. New paradigm solutions emerging from all over our world.

Elise Stone

It’s a pleasure to be a part of an authentic and consciously aware group of people dedicated to forge new frontiers in conscious co-creation.

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"Every encounter is an organizing opportunity, every person a potential activist, every moment a chance to transform our world.”
~ Dolores Huerta ~

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Parmjit Nahil

Parmjit Nahil

Community activist, teacher and alternative monetary system proponent , our guest Parmjit Nahil lives in Coventry, Great Britain.

Resilient Communities

A resilient community can withstand unpleasant shocks and long term drains on its resources. However, the world we live in at the moment is not conducive to building that resilience. It is reductive, built on fear, scarcity and debt. We are seeing more and more people whose basic physical and mental needs are not being met. How can we create a collective mindset that actively seeks balance and is equipped to deliver what is needed? It is only possible through a conscious and ongoing process of doing, reflecting, being…continually learning, continually growing.


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