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You’re new to Sourced Solutions and you may have heard about us through a good friend.

Ascension symptoms and challenges finding your way to stable, authentic and consistently heart-based choices? Inner and outer unity still a frustrating or painful daily experience?

You are still hurting, inside and out. You seek gentle, powerful, essential information as part of building a new foundation of inner peace, balance, and well-being.

Life is an inside job! The supportive information in our water meets scrambled information in your body water and a healing conversation begins.


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You’re comfortable with your awakening journey. Validation and confirmation of your intuition and inner knowing has become familiar and reassuring. Explorers are sharing their gifts with passion.

You’ve already beta tested a limited selection of Sourced Solutions. You’re ready to explore more Essences! Curiosity about “what is this stuff?” ignites a desire to be in a community committed to co-creating health, healing, sovereignty.

Receive regular discounts on Essences, educational offers and our retreats and special online events.


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A source of healing solutions through your holistic practice, your life work supports others in their healing to well-being journeys.

Providing access to Sourced Solutions Essences to patients or clients is complementary to your skills, gifts and established expertise.

Our networking, referrals, and complementary programs flow through your client practice. Retail product  recommendations and sales are part of your office environment so introducing Sourced Solution is a good fit for what you’re already doing. You regularly nurture your professional passion with CE/personal growth adventures and retreats.


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Using Sourced Solutions Essences has enhanced your personal growth process with unexpected depth and surprising new discoveries. You appreciate the elemental shifts which gently arise from unifying three states  of mind with these new paradigm infoceuticals.

You see the wisdom of ensuring that Essences  are available to communities in your part of the world. As part of Sourced Solutions’ global expansion, you would like to be in our family circle of retail distributors.

Yesterday I dowsed for which one of the Essences  is important to start using and 34 and 43 came up. I only used a tiny bit on my arms and neck. WOW, I felt immediately a ton of shifting and my hands stopped shaking right after I applied this stuff . My whole family has noticed the severe shaking in my hands over the years. So, my  husband too is noticing the calmness of my hands, and was pleasantly surprised . My sleep and dowsing has improved as well. Thank you very much for the great work you are doing with these Essences.  ~ S.T.

Source Generated. Gaia Co-Created.
Quantum Infoceuticals


Features and Benefits


Essential Membership

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Explorer Membership

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Features and Benefits


Experiencer Membership

Holistic Practitioner Options +
$75Monthly Subscription
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Elemental Membership

Wellness Practitioner/ReSeller
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When Life Flows


Source Essence

Simple, sweet moments of awareness nurture you becoming the change in life you want to see.  Drop by gentle drop, your most essential elements are integrated with ease, abundance and grace. Know the joy of a deep inner Quantum Leap, not into perfection, but into remembering your soulful wholeness.

Take a look at our member benefits and enjoy your spirit splash!

Man another gobsmack. So my brother calls and says he wants to get me a newer car around 10 grand and I should look around.  What’s really interesting now is energetically I’m there in PC and people are in my energy field.  Got 3 bites on work just today.  Boom! Nice offer but I need wheels fast.  He concluded a text with “no worries we’ll make it work”!!!! I want to bathe in number 2 and 1111! ~ Elise Stone, Florida, USA

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Still undecided about membership? Understood. Trying something new is a big step. Get to know the Essences through our main website and store.
We suggest exploring these: #27, #11:11, and Transmute. After you’ve experienced these Sourced Solutions come back and get your spirit splash alone with new savings and interesting opportunities and savings!