Featured Essence!!! Feminine Rites of Passage

Featured Essence!!!

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#330 Religious hatred of woman


The World’s major patriarchal religions have colluded with regard to expressing a profound hatred of women.
Rather than continuing to explain irrational emotion towards the bearers of life which manifested through HisStory as the Spanish Inquisition, European genocide of Wise Women and Mid-wives, New World Puritan Witch Hunts, Essence #330  supports ancestral wisdom and lineage healing for all women in all cultures.
Use Essence #330 if you have ever been the recipient of gross or subtle negative emotions and behavior simply because you have female genitals and access to intuition as well as direct knowing: rape, domestic violence, incest, familial sexual abuse, trusted adult or stranger sexual molestation.

Recommended: Feminine Rite of Passage

Indigenous cultures honor woman and her movement in the sacred circle. This is an ancestral, genetic memory that is being shared globally through our awakening, diverse genetics.

Claim feminine power and soul sovereignty with this specific collection of Essences.

Essence #330 makes a wonderful gift for a young women entering adolescence without benefit of formal, non-religious rites of passage.


Empowerment for Adolescent and Young Women


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