Featured Essence!!! Wholeness Support System

Featured Essence!!!

Silver Violet Ray


Silver Violet Ray, is a specific frequency and powerful ally in physical healing. Sourced Solutions founder was gifted with this frequency/vibration serving alongside physicians in hospitals co-creating miraculous and medically verified healing in burn and cancer patients.

SVR frequency is powerful enough to alter DNA of harmful viruses, including man-made, bio-engineered viruses.

Use Silver Violet Ray anytime you have been exposed to DEW, nanotech, microbial, or viral illness. Bring use of this Essence into group meditation for any disease outbreak or global pandemic .

This Essence is safe for use with allopathic medicine as well as holistic, alternative health care options.

Recommended Collection: Wholeness Support System

We are living in an era of magnificent transformation.  Our bodies are being pushed into major cellular changes. Our DNA is being activated and adapting to powerul, organic information. The human being is mutating into its birthright bliss state of direct knowing, soul sovereignty, and conscious co-creation with our planetary elements. We are exhausted, exhilirated, and yet enthusiastically meeting the unknown and the new.  We can all benefit from intelligent, multidimensional and safe sources of support.



Wholeness  Support System

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