Wellness Advocates

We are here for you!

Our DNA is mutating in alignment with our planet's Sourced evolution. We are awakening to our soverign human birthright. We need support to gracefully grow, transform, adapt, and integrate fast and major change. Support comes in many forms: education, body work, diet and nutrition, meditation, creative play, and energy healing/medicine with practitioners who are actively engaged in their own personal work on an ongoing basis -- every day.
Naturopathy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Holistic Nutrition, Bio-Energetix, Cranial-Sacral Therapists, Energy Healing/Holistic Touch, Timeline Adjustments, Integrative Medicine, Mindfulness, Yoga, Tai Chi, Gyrotonics, co-creation coaching, sacred union mentors as well as our trained and affiliated Sourced Solutions practitioners. Sourced Solutions is connected with practitioners in all of these areas. On request, we are happy to suggest support options and recommend networked resources for you -- where you live, play, and share your life.

We Offer Additional Self-Care Services

BioenergetiX Consultations. Energy Healing. Cranial Sacral Therapy.
Massage. Healing with Sound.
Retreats and Workshops.

Which Essence should you explore? Our Wellness Advocates assist with matching our Essences with your pain points. Schedule a 30 minute consultation to discuss long and short term challenges. Our Essences gently clear emotional blocks as well as bio-field and subtle energy disruptions.

Our vision of new paradigm education for adults and children eliminates cultural conditioning. We combine our educational offers with community support and specific Essences. We can stop sabotaging our soul sovereignty and destruction of our human birthright, our Wholeness. In our wisdom, we don't force or push our healing journeys yet we understand that the sooner we clear system of separation obstacles and adjust timelines, the faster planetary transformation will unfold for all of us. We believe planetary transformation is blossoming now. It is happening in our lifetime.
In addition to the Essences available in our shop, we have Essences which are only available through practitioner recommendation. Are you recovering from sexual abuse or trauma? Have you developed technology-related sensativities (EMF)? Please schedule a 30 minute initial consultation with Anaiis and request a special order form for Essences meant for these challenges.


Co-Creation Catalysts

Online and in person. Group learning. Deep within us, even within those whom we might label as 'being asleep', we know in our organic body intelligence that our human race is in peril.

In this knowing, we ask empowering questions: "What can I do? How can I help? Why do human beings have the natural impulse to help each other in times of crisis? How do we help each other resolve the false reality crises being manifested? Together, we join hearts, heads, and hands in our co-creative, behind the scenes learning and experiential environments. Engaging the five principles of conscious co-creation, our answers become: "This is what I do. This is how I help. What I choose matters. My Wholeness and sovereignty are essential co-creations."


$35 Monthly

Wisdom Body Reclaimed: Healing Emotional Templates

Separation = Mind Over Mother Earth.

What we experience as ordinary, daily reality, third dimensional life is a deliberately designed and maintained energy system which separates us from ourselves, each other, Wholeness, and our Source.

Our Pain Bodies are crafted from soul shattering fragmentation that persists as a collection of energies that distort emotions and perceptions. Identify your core wound templates. Restore your Wisdom Body by reclaiming your emotions. Access resources and tools that release trapped life force.

12 Templates. 1 Webinar and 3 follow-up sessions per month. Start your first cycle now! Use with our Essences. Balance and heal your Emotional Body.