The Wisdom Body: Emotions Reclaimed


Are you in the dark about the creative power of emotion? Our webinars with deep dive follow-up sessions turn on your inner “Aha.” Why do you feel emotionally stuck and unfufilled? Get the answers from within you!

A Cure
For Snake

Emotions Create Your Pain Body

Emotions Create Your Wisdom Body

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Your Wisdom Body
is Your Real Life!

"We all feel difficult emotions. What we don't see is how we are triggered into emotional states that give our life force away to an unseen power. We are consumed by externally provoked emotional states that overwhelm us, wreck our lives, and rob us of happiness and peace.
Learn to look within and perceive with more than just your physical senses.
Separation and division is not our birthright human condition. This is an ancient frequency war of systemic separation.
This IS "Snake" energy.
Essences Founder

Unify Your Three Mind States

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Anaiis Salles Experience

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