Your Story or Your Life

3 Day Weekend Wow-shop!

February 14, 15 & 16, 2020 10am-5pm


Radically Alive!
Radically Free!
Radically you!

“Are you living a hand-me-down

story and life that isn’t yours?”

Free your life purpose and passion from the
tangled threads of a social story that has
nothing to do with who you truly are.

Over 30...
Have a nagging feeling of being unfulfilled?
Worried you've somehow failed?
How do you connect
with a sense of purpose and joy?
No new degrees, titles, or babies required!

Wide awake at 3:00 am wondering whose life you're living? I know how you feel. Once you wake up to your life purpose? You'll sleep like a baby! It's time to re-write your story. Let's do this!

Build a Foundation Free From Family Stories

Today, it’s clear nothing is more powerful than our “stories.” We each have a family history, a complex web spun from the stories of the people we come from. Is yours a family story that lifts you up, holds you back, or is riddled with holes, absences and misinformation that generate constant insecurity?

Open All Your Presence

Today, many of us will choose to take a course to “learn” how to be mindful. Being mindful, you shift your relationship to time. You relearn  how to be in now. You realize that being curious about whatever is happening right now holds the most energy available for co-creating your next now. And when you open all your presence, you may find the you that you miss the most.

Spark life-changing creativity

Creative spark is a natural impulse in us all. How do we lose access to this pulse of life’s genius inviting us to play co-creator?  Play and creativity are inseparable best friends. Learn to reignite your playful imagination and make room for it to inspire your life.

Embrace Your Soul Strength and YGifts

Once you rebuild an authentic foundation with your essential inner being, welcome moments of creative inspiration and open all your presence. Enjoy a growing sense of inner strength and the power to face obstacles. Your natural born gifts will rise and shine!

Make Friends With Fear

Discover how your family stories influence your body — the one and truly unique creation that is yours, and yours alone — to introduce the experience of being afraid.  Fear becomes a hidden box, invisible, within the story of suppressed power.  Learn to make friends with fears which are meant to keep you inside a story stunting your evolution as a sovereign being.

Trust Yourself and Your Choices

Slowly and steadily, you gain an inner peace that makes you smile with quiet assurance. You’re beginning to trust yourself and the many new choices you will make without fear or need for approval from the web of energy that spun your story.

Power of Purpose(1)

Acting out the roles of my social story led to near death and divorce. Once I let go, LIFE began

living through me — a thrilling, gobsmacking, spiritual and emotional treasure hunt.

My Soul Self revealed its reasons for my being alive. I did not arrive at this unexpected life purpose to find myself judged or alone.

Rewrite your social story.  Reveal your life purpose.  Be radically, truly YOU!

5D Price $...sHARE WHAT yOU cAN!


Nibbles. Beverages. BRING A lUNCH.

All this awesomeness can be yours to experience.