What is Accelerated Conscious Evolution?

March 24, 2020
A.C.E. Free Live-Stream Orb Fest

Anaiis-SallesAre you choosing a path of accelerated evolution! Have you said yes to being in flow? Being in Flow is the experience of unimpeded energy that organizes information and frequency so we can become aware of ourselves as an infinite movement of consciousness.

You can choose, and you may have chosen long ago, to find your inner compass and a way to enter the Living Stream of Creativity that I call Source, or which some folks call God, or Great Spirit.

In our current state of internal affairs and external distractions, it’s hard to find and feel our organic flow and remain in a flow state of ease, abundance, gratitude, love and grace. Such a challenge! Most of us are in a never-ending battle between subconscious, unconscious, conscious, and occasionally higher, conscious states of mind we say ‘no’ to out of fear or caution.

 How often have you checked with someone else about a choice you need to make before you’ve checked in with yourself?

Many years ago, I learned who and what I was fighting on the inside! I discovered unconscious triggers that sabotaged my conscious intention to be happy, kind, caring, interdependent — living in flow with OTHER PEOPLE! 


My Teacher is within and I am blissed to know this. I’ve met hundreds of people like you in person and thousands of people online who so want to live happy, kind, caring, interdependent, and spiritually nurturing lives in community. As I once did, are struggling to find and hold on to the key that places you in the Living Stream of Creativity and which leads to immense satisfaction. Experience the sustainable joy of your soul-self rising to shine, shift, and share your gifts with all whom you desire to bring aid and comfort.

Are you awakening to your spiritual gifts and have been guided that allowing another entity to channel through you is not in anyone’s best interest at this time? Would you like to go through a deliberate and detailed educational process for developing a safe, direct, experiential line of guidance and co-create with a team of guides who will never try to enter your body or take over your consciousness? 

Awesome! Join in my next free webinar and learn more about how gorgeous your human embodying Source expression truly is!

Next Free Webinar: Sunday March 29 12:00 – 1:00 pm EST    A.C.E.  Course Overview and Q & A.

A.C.E courses, Levels 1- 4, lead to determining whether my three year certification program for practitioners in every realm of body/heart/spirit ‘shine, shift & gift’ client assistance is right for your ascending future timeline.

Balance fully awakening DNA/insight with personal transformation, relationship and spiritual growth. Experience new levels of physical well-being, emotional flexibility, and relaxation and rest from the fatigue of an over-stimulated, intellect rules approach to life. Dive into a living stream of infinite co-creative relationships.

Living in an attitude of gratitude,

Anaiis Salles